Two Trinities

Strange days with polarities and dualities all over the shop !

Jupiter direct scattered my 12th house Sagittarius energy all over the place.

I have Sagittarius Mars in 11 – so actions were/ are ? a bit whirling dervish for a bit.
Jupiter went direct in Gem : my 6th, so I was Virgo-ing out on cleanliness, healing and organizing – getting my daily life in order.

The second the Mars hit the water I gave myself the home spa day I had been craving for ages.  My study materials (9th house Virgo) are neatly catalogued, and since my 12th was activated – cool Vamp / Zombie flick to round out the weekend. (Neptune / film; natural ruler of 12)

Mars on Neptune (and my Jupes activated)  also meant long distance healing, divination and a time-out to recharge the personal batteries.

Some interesting dualities cropped up.
I was doing a healing and got the words ‘tag team’, so I followed my instincts knowing Sun Mercury and Venus are in Aquarian polarities; Jupiter was in flux in dual Gemini.

One recipient knew ahead of time, the other I sent a text right before. My friend couldn’t believe I had her vibe – one family member was coming out of hospital – while the other was going in.  She obviously really needed a healing, and was grateful to have one on the way.

She is also a healer, so I am thinking there was a TRINITY OF POSITIVE VIBRATIONS zooming around the globe.  Very cool, yah  ?  Right ON !
Cooler still – – is that 3 is Jupiter ruled !
So I am sure there was cosmic Kismet involved from the higher dimensions to help make this session happen.

During the healing I was told to focus on hands – Mercury rules hands, Mercury rules Gemini / Virgo.  (Unless you are Camp Chiron/ Virgo)

Our hands and feet are incredibly complex nerve zones.
Feet: 7,200 nerve endings
Hands: 1,300 nerve endings per square inch

It might be a good idea to do some massage on your hands if:

– you have Mercury in hard aspect to another planetary energy

– stellium of planets in Gemini or 3rd house (natural house of Gem)

– stellium of planets in Virgo or 6th house (natural house of Virgo)

– Saturn in Gemini or in the 3rd

– Saturn in Virgo or in the 6th