Bornero Rainforest by Jollence Lee

Moon into Sagittarius 9:45am CST,USA

Mars conjunct Neptune (explains why I overslept) at 2 degrees, moving to conjunct Chiron the healer/ teacher/ philosopher at 7.

Firey Sag Moon will trine Uranus in Aquarius, sextile Venus in Aquarius – you have mail!
 Love, money, feelings and a bit of fun – sag style.  Sextiles are Opportunity – you may be sending it also !

Moon squares Mars and Neptune – physical strength will be likely be fluctuating, as well as emotions, daydreamscapes are strong at the mo.  This is an inner obstacle, an aspect of restless energy that wants to be solved and released.

Go hi qi – get creative Mars on Neptune can be energy draining, yet very inspired !