drive your dreamscapes


Paul Lehr Cover for Asimov’s The Martian Way

Mercury into Pisces
8:55am CST, USA

Mercury enters Pisces and meets up with Mars action and Neptune fantasies (both at 2 degrees) to square Jupiter largess in thinking Gemini.  Walking daydreams, scatteration, brain space station slips in & out of regular orbit, actions are nebulous, mystical mystery and high magic is primo.

Heed: Thoughts, action and fantasies ALL trine Saturn in Scorpio – Saturn is manifestation on the physical plane.

This is a test of positive visionary thinking – squares are internal tension – make brainwave scenarios high qi and positive. 

Gem Jupes is opposite Moon in Sagittarius – others (public, women, sailors, bakers) step up to the plate to deliver fine tuned tweaks in long-range thinking.  Think fluctuations and scales of balance.

Venus in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorp – where North Node of Destiny also resides, deep culling of past love woes is on the menu.  Detach Detach Detach from feelings in order to break bad habits of fatal (Venusian) attraction ::: thought patterns, food, sex, liquor ::: whatever the monkey on your back is ::: heal from the inside out.

SUBconsciously (Pisces is subconscious) bring to you only that which you wish to carry forth into your future.  Drive your dreamscapes . . .