Indian Larry

May I introduce  a man of quality – bike builder, stuntman, and an innovator in the world of custom motorcycles, ‘Indian Larry’ Desmedt.

When he was a teenager when he bought his first motorbike, a 1939 Harley Knucklehead, for $200. He took it apart and spent the next nine months learning how to put it back together again. He later moved to California and apprenticed under hot rod builder Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, later launching his own Brooklyn-based Gasoline Alley motorcycle workshop in 1991.

Indian Larry is credited with re-popularizing the stripped down, tall handlebar, foot clutched, jockey shifted, no front brake or fender, small gas tank, open piped, kickstart only, stock rake choppers that prevailed in the 60s, before long front ends became popular.  He was old school.


Indian Larry is a life path 1.  Ones are the intial creative force, the fresh, new and innovative – raw, and powerful.

Larry is mega- Taurus with Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus – which is sitting right on top of Moon-, all in the house of slow and steady work and progress.  When Larry was younger he was convicted of bank robbery, drug addicted, and he changed his life around by conceptualizing and building old school choppers.

Venus rules not only art, but money as well.  Venus rules Taurus, in addition to Libra.  His Moon (feelings) is plunked right on top of Venus in Taurus Sun (ego, creative spirit) right there with it.   Now see the Neptune (spirituality, suffering)  in Libra (balance) in quincunx to Moon and Venus?  A quincunx indicates a change in attitude & altitude.  Larry gave up the self-destructive hedonism for a creative high.  That tattoo on his neck reads “In God We Trust – Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord – No Fear.”   The middle two lines were in reverse so that he could read them when looking in a mirror.

Saturn is trine Sun, Mars North Node of Destiny and sextile Uranus.  He channelled his rebellious streak (Uranus) into revolutionary builds (Mars, Saturn).
Mars (welding, the hammer, raw power) is conjunct North Node of Destiny in Aries, the sign it rules.  Mars is also a 1.  Headlong raw power conjunct North Node.

Sun, Venus, Mars all in square to Jupiter in the sign of innovation, Aquarius.

Those are spirit, art, and power planets in creative tension with the greater benefic, the planet of faith and expansive, exploratory ideas- Jupiter.
Obviously riding the open road on a custom built chopper of his design gave him a natural high.

Sun, Moon, Venus all in square to Pluto in Leo.  Creativity supercharged and by following his inspiration, he changed his life, and the lives of many others for the better.

Indian Larry was kind, generous, and a friend to many- we remember you well.
Peace out~>


6 thoughts on “Indian Larry

  1. Hi Susan
    I was amazed at all the Taurus happening here. This is a solar chart, so not sure of the house placements, but have been thinking of it quite a bit.
    Larry died in a crash, no helmet while trick riding. He was doing what he called “the crucifix” which is the stunt in the video above.

    I was interested in his placements because someone close to me died of car crash head trauma with similar aspects. Aspect T-Square: Mars conjunct the acendant in 12th square to Mercury in the 3rd (short distance travel) , Mars square Pluto at MC, Pluto opposite Sun and Mercury.

    Leo rising does suit Larry, he was generous and well-liked by all who knew him. When in a Biker Build-Off competition against his friend Billy, he won- refused the trophy, called it a tie, then he proceeded to saw the trophy into bits and threw the chunks of trophy out to the crowd of fans, declaring, “There are no winners, there are no losers.”

    I’m glad you liked reading about him Susan, thanks~

    Note: Of course, if you have similar aspects, it does NOT mean you will die in a car crash, each chart is different and must be read in its entirety.

    • lol, I like how you left the little disclaimer at the end….although it did have to be said.
      It would be interesting to research those transits.
      I didnt realise it was a solar chart however Leo rising does seem fitting. If not leo he does give off a fire element vibe, perphaps its Sag rising? Or even Aquarius pops out at me.

      • I am getting fire as well, and rebel. lol.
        Larry died on Aug 30, 2004. He had Sun, Mars and Jupiter transiting 5th solar house (life/pride/gambling), all of which (plus Merc Rx) were opp Moon and Uranus on that day. Neptune retrograde applying square to Sun Venus conjunction. Faulty judgement and pride here. Moon conjunct Uranus transiting the 11th solar house, so big shock to his tribe.
        Just a case of clouded judgement in the given circumstances on a given machine.

  2. Thanks for prodding me to investigate, Susan~
    It is telling how the planetary energies can sway good judgment / feelings about something we may not otherwise consider doing.

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