Training to Transcend

b9356c1399ccf7814782eb28591c1640Fabio Listrani
artist of Night Sun Tarot

Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune rolls around once a year and shines a light on all matters of sensitivities and mysticism.  Sun illuminates; Neptune clouds, which I have noticed causes some astro peeps to sway into doom style predictions of delusion, deception and drunkenness.   

Hey, it IS a possibility, but let’s look on the bright side here…work the energies to your advantage.
Engage the collective emotional un/conscious via The Force.

Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune is an opportunity to reach deep into your inner dream world, envision what your ideal future actually WILL (Sun) be.
We are sparks of the God/Goddess.  
Create ! 

Make an images only vision board, an inspirational ipod playlist – very Piscean.  Sculpt with your eyes closed, send yourself reiki, draw with your non-dominant hand.  Create with a medium you are unfamiliar with.  Meditate with mudras, write songs, take pictures, swim, watch films, write poems, paint esp. with watercolors, learn sign language, take a nature hike or dance away what troubles you.  

Shine the light on those inspirations that feed you rather than try to escape this aspect through hiding out of fear with your crutch of choice.  Sun/Neptune makes emotional sense when you are experiencing it, but becomes mentally clear when the aspect passes.  

Seeing the Self (Sun) through earthly senses becomes difficult – we begin to rely more on 3rd eye.  We shift our senses to peer into higher dimensions within/without ourselves and USE them.  This aspect has arrived to help us release and let go.

Sun/Neptune creative dreams squares Saturn: fear, men, work, authority, the past, age.  Squares deliver creative tension that must be solved inwardly.  With this aspect comes a time to explore obstacles you have created for yourself.
Re-imagine and re-envision your style, this is high qi spiritual intelligence – tap it straight from source while the energies support.  

Attacking anything head-on is often an approach that will derail progress with Sun/Neptune.   If your mind floats a bit – it is meant to . . . glean the inspirational downloads for healing/creation/prophecy . . . re-focus and start again.  
Go the long way, use the backdoor, sidewind, go with the flow . . . transcend.

peace out
May the Force Be with You
Gneiss Moon