Dolphins1Andrew Wong

I’ve been doing something uncharacteristic – watching Hannibal.  I know from experience I have to be selective with what I let in my brain/body/vibration/field.  I have strong boundaries, yet still unconsciously tune into what is around me, for better or worse.  (Giant Neptuning fork in 11 square 8th, can’t hardly keep from it.)

I went in with curiosity, and found it very stylish, well done.  Thought processes are filmed in dream-like sequences, it’s rife with psychological twists and turns: predator, prey, psychiatrists and police.  Plenty to satisfy my high 8th Leo creative heart that keeps me around even through the low 8th murderous creepfest.

So last night I cleaned my house, watched several episodes, thought of Hannibal eating people.  Pinkies out gourmet meals, fine wine, angelic opera and eating flesh.  Akin to how a heart transplant patient begins to feel the traits of the former owner, Hannibal  and killers like him seek spiritual communion by material means.  In some fashion they seek to take on the spiritual strength of that being through their flesh.
I know, creepy – but fascinating.  I also know the photo above is incongruous with the ramble above, but bear with me, here comes the Pisces stuff…

What am I getting at here ?
Pisces stellium soaks up as much as it disperses.  It is private, prophetic, represents secrets or that which is hard to verbalize.

There is a time for material work, a time for spiritual work.
A time for talk, also for silence.
Proper balance enhances function of both.

We have a plethora of Pisces with Mercury Rx (direct on the 11th) and Jupiter Rx.
These retrograde planets rule the signs Pisces squares (inner obstacles).  Gemini and Sagittarius (and Virgo opposite/others) are mutable, malleable, more easily re-wired. Use this time to rethink . . . see how you feel about your path.
You know yourself and your destiny better than anyone – if you are on the right path, you will feel it.  You will know it.

Lasting change is easier under these adaptable (signs/retrogrades) aspects.  Right now forming new neural nets is center stage. Taking a break to think/feel get centered is exactly what the universe is supporting.

Play, create, dream, brainstorm.
Go with your flow . . . .

Gneiss Moon