Summon Your Shaman

Bruce Pennington

Scorpio Mercury conjunct Saturn intensifies focus, clarity and tests structural foundations of any and all thought patterns.  Mercurial Metamorphosis may run a bit doom and gloom with this aspect due to the influence of Saturn.
Rather than let restriction and melancholy spiral out of control, I suggest:

A: Use your hands & your head
     1 create art
     2 journal it, talk to a mentor
     3 learn sign language or mudras

B: Organize Time
     1 lists/order of import
     2 goals/plans
     3 schedule work & rest

This aspect is truly great for focus – in tandem with Sagittarius Sun/Venus exploring a new inspiration is the way to keep from obsessing over the past and the mistakes that lie there.  Ditto with saturation Scorpio Saturn applying (out of sign) square to Neptune in Pisces – create ! 

Use the struggle of Scorpio – purge and eliminate what lies buried in the depths.  Concentrate on your own healing.  Try teaching yourself how to transform pain into power through surrendering to the flow of life.  Appreciate the inspiration it holds in small pleasures and moments of grace.

The next couple of days are brilliant for focused analysis and cathartic release through clearing your head, heart and home.  Fixed signs DO change – via the assistance of Venus, Sun, Pluto, Uranus – summon your inner shaman, create your own magick !