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Alex Groseth
Click the link for the artist’s take on this piece titled subconscious change.

This is livewire astro – if these Scorpio – Leo squares feel easy – you’re doing it wrong. 
Squares are obstacles forcing us into facing our personal abyss of fear or shortcomings or deep rooted stumbling blocks (fixed signs).
Worked correctly, we give painful birth to new life from the deep rooted insides, we create a new, more harmonious way of doing things. 
This obstacle course run correctly, can be more powerful than a trine because we have had to work all our psychic muscles to get to the finish line.

A_Teachers_journey_back_by_AlexGrosethAlex Groseth

Incoming Full Moon in Aquarius squares Saturn opposes Sun/Mercury in Leo.  This is the time to form new neural nets.  Subconscious drives are active for us, running our tired, old, worn paths – even if we don’t realize it. This can be either beneficial or detrimental – only you know.

 See houses Leo & Scorpio Taurus & Aquarius in your natal, these fixed signs are reluctant to change – even under tremendous stress.


They will die hard and go down swingin’ – fair warning.

The energies of separation from the old and outdated are coming online, culminating and reaching full manifestation with Full Moon in Aquarius on Aug 10.
Uranus rules Aquarius and is of course, square Pluto – destruction with higher purpose, change what needs work, in order to reach a higher octave of harmony and love.
Inside & out.

Make it so.


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