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Popping in with a few personal/global Jupiter observations for the last dip in Cancer waters…big smooch and queen wave goodbye honey,  ttfn…
I found Jupiter in exaltation to be the least annoying planetary transit of Cancer yet.  Anything travelling through Cancer squares my head/brain coming/going. (Saturn ruler in Aries 3 or Mercury in Libra.)
As we moved closer to culmination degree, pictures of women hunters killing African wild animals proliferated the net.  Hunter Barbie, Cheerleader after reality show, beauty poses with dead oryx.  Ugh.  I posted more Red List info in Madman comments.

Gaza is in turmoil with holy (Jupiter) land (Cancer/Capricorn) and claims to it in question. Note: Israel/Palestine are both Aries and have been dealing with hard Cardinal Cross energies.

Even more fatally flawed/biased wrong public (Moon) news broadcasting (Jupiter) coverage surfaces, talking heads with no idea of what they are backing – or worse yet, knowingly being biased for the almighty dollar.

Proliferation of hard-core up-themselves scientists crying foul far and wide to all those (so-called) weak-minded women and (so-called) new agers they deem intellectually inferior.  Crusty old close-minded coots toss the word pseudoscience around like confetti at a tickertape parade.
Has Uranus square Pluto ever been more evident ?  I think not !

Relgion (Hobby Lobby) & birth control hits the US Supreme Court – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg writes a withering 35 page dissent, (here starts at pg 60) standing up for and inspiring women (and men) across the nation. Notorius R.B.G and There is no truth without Ruth. became celebratory phrases for this revolutionary woman.

Ruth is a Pisces Sun, Venus NNode opposite Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all Rx in Virgo.  Scorpio Moon, Mercury in Aries with Uranus in Aries tightly square Pluto Rx in Cancer.  Giving wide orbs, she has a grand water trine kite with Venus and Jupiter in oppositionVery apt, yes ?

I would just LOVE to hear what Loretta thinks, you ?
I’ll pop her song in comments for y’all.

Crazy times…
What do you think Jupiter into Leo will create for us ?
I look forward to finding out !