power of possibilities

photo The Oracle of John Dee

Investigations on Chiron stationing Rx in Pisces, and I pulled William Lilly, prominent astrologer best known for his published work Christian Astrology, published in 1647.

Eastern direction (Pisces) denotes a need to fine tune & attune attention to every aspect of life, especially health – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Wholistic attention turned inward to perceive self.  Retrogrades are individual, purely built for personal recalibration and tweaking the position / space you hold in the universe.

How do you choose to express Chiron ?
If there are wellness issues in life you have let slide, they will become apparent under this transit !  Lilly read the signs – you should as well.
Spirit whispers first  – be open, listen . . .

photo 3To concentrate on for highest manifestation of wellness ?

You have the tools – USE them !
Magician is Mercurial – we see the backside/flipside during Retrograde – monkeying around and being tricky with ourselves.
Chiron Rx tag teamMercury Rx in Gemini perception tweaking !

Mercury in Gemini is social, chatty and observant – the information superhighway both coming and going.  During Rx we look at what we have not only said, but what we have said without actually saying it.
Actions speak louder.

In tandem with Chiron Rx in Pisces, the personal health and wellness fog we are under in house Pisces shifts into – wtf ?! – how did that monkey get on my back ?
Only YOU know what YOUR monkey is.

Note that Magician has the symbol of regeneration & strength as a personal aura.
You are a being of ultimate power & possibility.
SEE it then BE it.

Make it so.