giger1H.R. Giger
Cover, ELP – Brain Salad Surgery (original stolen from Prague)

H.R. Giger, the artist who delivered us the creepy insectoid xenomorph made famous in the film franchise Alien, died May 12 in Switzerland.

Giger was a 7th house Aquarius Sun conjunct Mercury square Uranus in Toro 10 – very cerebral sci-fi art vibe with a strong Venusian undercurrent.

Aries Mars conjunct Saturn at MC square both: Leo Pluto at the backdoor (12th); and Capricorn Moon – these (along with Uranus elevated) show a curious detachment from traditional sensuality in the strong robotic/alien sexual bondage themes.

Sagittarius rules his 5th with Jupiter elevated in Mars-ruled Aries trine Pluto and ASC from the 9th – flair for glory and literally, guts, skeletals (Mars conj Saturn), the creative exploration of same.  Fire is his strongest element.

Fiercer than youVenus exalted in Pisces opposes Neptune in Virgo, indicating an exacting, precise artistic expression; trine Pluto (rules insects) rising in (12) Leo is a powerfully otherworldly expression which reveals both hidden desires and fears surrounding the vast universal unknown.  Venus opposite Neptune (theft, art museums) also indicates someone stealing his art; as well as Sun in Aquarius 7th (Prague is Leo/Sun ruled, as is his chart) square Uranus in 10th. Museums are also Saturnian/10th; Uranus separates.

His work deftly merges power, fear and desire, with an unusual scientific detachment from the human component – his superb craftsmanship is shown by a grand earth trine of Moon, Uranus, Neptune.

In peace,