photo 54Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Quickie read for sideways insights into Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries.
Heads UP – Mars Rx in Libra opposes and is on this card – a balance of give and take is indicated.  Circular energy YIN/YANG

This pair, I will call Venura, is simultaneously:
Separation – Uranus polarities; Venus, choice
Attraction – Uranus vibrations alike; Venus love magnetism

Full Moon incoming in Scorpio reveals what is lost, what is gained, emotional
achievements, summits, sticking and staying – conversely – failures, pitfalls and loss via full lunar conjunction with Saturn.

Venura (yes, my word, just invented it) squares Jupiter in Cancer also Pluto in Capricorn.  Feelings of the past, cycles and circles coming back around are inherent in these signs – also leaving the pain and gaining the love.
I have seen 11:11 at least 4 times since waking up this morning.  On bills, clocks, records, computer – so worth a link to my former post re: that co-inky dink number of higher octaves here.

Uranus is the Higher octave of Mercurial thinking – global tesseract.
Neptune is the Higher octave of Venus – universal compassion.

photo 55Message from Spirit ?  Gain of Justice and Beauty, scales of balance tip in your favor, hope is its own reward.  Negotiating a decision, HAVING a choice.