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photo 41Secret Dakini Oracle

Quick read, tons going on at the mo.  Last night I watched Game of Thrones with a friend who is kind enough to wait for me to arrive on Mondays so we can watch it together.
Ok.  So I watched that, then Blood Moon.  Yee gads.  creepfest.

Doing a quick read for the short term energies up to bat.
Long term: Full Moon dissipates to New Toro Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 Taurus on April 29 while Uranus square Pluto perfects on the 20-21 at 13 degrees.
Short Term: Moon in Scorpio coming to trine Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces before it conjuncts Saturn Rx.

Waterworks, research, fine tuning our feelings via some deep digging, personal reflection.

Intent: Most insightful direction that leads to our highest manifestations of these trines.  Working those well is the key to helping us overcome a sky full of Cardinal Cross.

25 – Three-Fold Riddle aka Seven
Seven is an intellectual, metaphysical number that symbolizes choice and spiritual development; ruled by Uranus.
Discrimination: This card is Air/Swords, which Scorpio knows all too well with its traditional ruler being Mars, the blade.
Identity is secret, they represent growth done in secret.  (3 is Jupiter)  Their clothing is akin to spirit flesh taken on to dwell on the earthy plane.  They are Guardians of the Great Illusion.

Humans seek enlightenment, research karma, metaphysics in order to understand the meaning of life.  Where do I belong, why am I here, what do I do, etc…
Finding the answer to this riddle is an individual process, a spiritual quest, a shamanic path only you walk, only you know.  Look into the depths of your unconscious mind; be open to emotional answers coming in waves.
Later, assimilate with practical Saturn on board alongside prior to New Moon.


photo 42
44 – Heart Drop aka Eight; Eight is ruled by Mars, it is a number representing power, strength, effort, success and regeneration.  Eight is a number of leadership, management and accumulating wealth.  Mars Rx in Libra decides relationship directions, deftly pruning the out of synch,  privately.
This card is Water/Cups which again indicates the need for processing and regeneration of the heart/love space as we balance two eclipses in TWO VENUS RULED SIGNS.
From the third eye rubies fall representing the distillation and crystallization of the mystical on the earth plane.  Integrating both Male and Female principles is the alchemy of these eclipses involving Moon (yin) and Sun (yang).
Realization of the power of the heart as the seat of wisdom.
Very plainly on the menu as Venus and Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces healing up our wounds with the help and faith and optimism of Jupiter alongside in Cancer.

Make this Scorpio moon work for you – DIG DEEP into heartspace.
Answer your own riddles.


2 thoughts on “seat of the shamans

  1. OMGoddess! Just love the Dakini cards blown up. I noticed new images in them which I have not noticed before. 44 Heart Drop is a message of love and gratitude to you Gneiss.
    Have a wonderful Lunar Eclipse.x

    • This was my first read from the deck, just been really chaotic here. I think there is a little person in the head tower. They are very cool collages. The first one reminds me of the 3 wise astrologers in Bethlehem.
      I loved getting the heart card, needed by me and others I am sure…
      Happy Eclipses to you as well herongrace x

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