Loving the Cutting Edges

tumblr_md9e98oggg1reohnuo1_500Jason Engle

Venus in Aquarius
Venus in fixed air sign Aquarius is a bubbly, quirky, Venus – buzzing with bohemian perspectives on art, love, friendship, partnerships of all kinds.

Venus here attracts equally as often as she separates due to the influence of Uranus which rules Aquarius.
This Venus is born and bred into a life of innovation and change – they hook up connections between others – they are uncannily perceptive electrical conduits between people  – artistic and intellectual ideas come in a flash.

Venus in Aquarius understands chaos IS harmony, revels in it.  Balance to this Venus is a dance of fluctuations – common sense dictates life and love are eccentric. Venus in Aquarius relationships are fixed and stable, yet need lots of air and space to grow wildly and free.

Venus and her relationship with money is just as strongly progressive in this placement.  Money is a means to an end – more funds means more experience across the globe.  This Venus is also keenly aware of the plight of those less fortunate and will quietly, kindly, lend a hand of support, either by volunteering, donations or direct involvement.

This Venus is loving and kind, but somewhat distant due to their tendency to be in their heads intellectualizing love.  They know they love you, think you should also know this without constant declarations, gifts.

This sign does well with innovative communicative relationships – sharing ideas of love, making mutual needs known is the key to unlocking this placement.  Also have plenty of free time of your own to develop your work and goals – show your Venus Aquarius you are the cutting edge as well.

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Jan 27 USA