knot knowing

naida__the_watercaster_by_bpsola-d4fdwoeNadia Yarden, The Watercaster
Bryan Marvin P. Sola

A dream is an answer to a question we haven’t learned to ask.
Special Agent Dana Scully

Pisces void moon Sunday 10:35 am CST, USA
Moon into Aries 10:55 pm Sunday. Previous post on void moons.
Pisces voids are fishy – depth charges into the future past of the emotional collective.
Mercury (stationing Rx in 4 days at 3 Pisces) enhances the nuanced trance dance, recog mission.

My progressed Moon is in Aquarius…buoyant, emotionally detached is an honest blessing at the mo.  Transit Pluto squares transit Uranus which is parked on natal ruler, Saturn (which of course includes a side of tasty squares from Cap/Cancer). Transit Saturn parked on Neptuner (square Venus/Jupes in Leo), transit Neptune square natal Mars at the backdoor.

Conjunctions are power operating + these transits are a good gear shift because being born a Sun/Uranus/Pluto gal – Pluto plowing through my Cap ASC square Uranus is knocking me on my ass and then some.

Outers to outers – savvy to scenes 
Inners to outers – have to hustle the bustle

Natal charts with an abundance of outer planetary contacts in the natal navigate crowds more easily as they are not as personally (planet) invested, involved.  Them.

Those with outer planets in direct contact with personal planets hustle to have balance of exchange between the two.  Contacts, investments are driven by Us.

I recently said look how far we have come ! 
Right now I am in the mindset of look how far we have yet to go.

Reality check, please.
Top of the squares, someone asked me to get back to them living it later as it worked its divine magicks.
Report. Telegram.

Question girl is also Answer girl.
Funneling the cosmos into matters, I will expound for all of us.

Lessons on tap:
not knowing all the knots
patience with the process

balance in flux
sensible service
healing the history of herstory
space and solitude speak

in peace, gratitude