Mental masturbation

photo 18Sacred Geometry Oracle
Philosopher’s Stone

Quickie read for more info on energies; intent highest good:

1. T-square featuring Uranus as focal square Jupiter opposite Pluto/Venus.  
Discontinuous Proportion 25 
Important mental tools needed to find commonality in relationships.  There are connections, but many are seen as well as unseen.  Keep senses open to intuitions, impressions for divine sparks of clarity.  
Brainstorms ala Uranus
Micro present in the macro. 
Macro present in the micro.

2. Mercury trine North Node 
Contrast 17. Sensing the difference, compare and contrast, compensation of energies are in play.  Communications/ thoughts crafted towards destiny.  
Fixed Scorpio meets Mutable Pisces – both water – entirely different vibes.
Reconciling inner thoughts, feelings, desires – emo sword to the hilt, twist.
Mental masturbation, memories.