flying half-mast

cassandra by Tom BagshawCassandra by Tom Bagshaw

What has gone before; what has yet to appear.
Middle ground, center of the void, crucible of 2 eclipses, infinity NOW.

The hand gesture above is a variation of the flag or Pataakait mudra, which among other things denotes clouds, wait, and denial.
It is called the half-flag or Ardhapataaka mudra and among other things, it indicates both.
In oratory or rhetoric the gesture means wonder.

In my mind it indicates the hangwoman, pause.
Insights forthcoming from circling ravens, Huginn and Muninn.

Be with you in entirety, shortly.

2 thoughts on “flying half-mast

  1. Cassandra, cursed with being a prophet that no one would listen to. I know the feeling ha! I woke this morning feeling at peace as though I had sorted out some personal issues and a relief after feeling bit antsy with being sandwiched between 2 eclipses and the bush fire anxiety happening down here where we could really do with some proper rain clouds.
    We had an awesome storm the other night which lasted 35 minutes and brought some relief.
    Literal astro, I was stung by the smallest scorpion I have ever seen on my left hip caught in my bath towel! The day before I disturbed quite a large 1 under a log clearing a wallaby track just out back here.
    The good news is Mars Virgo always inspires me to catch up on long overdue sorting out.
    Happy with new mob healthy big wallabies all around my house yesterday and 2 jockey possum babes and baby birds including baby crow!

  2. Indeed, Cassandra. Have experienced much the same.
    Asteroid 114 Kassandra presently at 19 Leo.

    Luck with the Scorps and the herd.
    I am also organizing / harvesting – – herbs, maters, thoughts, you name it.
    take care, be safe…sending good vibes

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