Quickie read for well, everything on the plate boiled into ONE.
If you want to know what everything is…scroll down on this site.
Scorpio Eclipse is up to bat later.
I have a million things to do outside, now.

Card above you interpret yourself.
It made me laugh, so literal was my interp.

Mailbox was my Mom’s, so much stuff we unearthed in her attic.
It boggles.

One little gem I am saving for later. 
It’s very Saturn
upside down & backwards.

This gem below is for NOW.

This is not just a cup.

Of course,
because of stationing Merc Rx
I am unable to edit/crop pix. 
Whateves, is minor.

My late father (Sun Capricorn 10th)
was not only super frugal, he also loved old stuff.

This mug was his, it is now mine. 
It is not a perfect specimen. 
It is not worth much $.
It is pretty beat up – cracked, chipped and well-worn.

Ariescorpclipse Merc RxurSquarepop 015
Despite all its flaws, it has always been my personal favorite.
What it offers is not plainly evident from the outside.

 It spoke to me of my hard aspects
long before I even knew them, I could feel them.

Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo 8
square biggie Neptuner in Scorp 11

You have to get upcloseandpersonal
make friends with it.

SEE it.

Ariescorpclipse Merc RxurSquarepop 016
Shift your perspective toward the LIGHT.

amin mela lle