Wildwood Tarot

This card carries the vibration of North Node in Scorpio.
I wanted to know what we should focus on that would produce the most insight, the best most benevolent outcome for all.
Eight of Stones – SKILL – Earth

Eight is ruled by Mars, it is a number representing power, strength, effort, success and regeneration.  Eight is a number of leadership, management and accumulating wealth

Those born with eight life path are inspired visionaries who tend to focus on structures and long-term goals.  They naturally seek positions of influence, being good team leaders and a good judge of character.
This is the apprentice to master card – the card of work and perfecting that work.
The hand glyph represents The Maker.
Interestingly, hands are Mercury ruled, something to ponder as the octaves of communications are in flux.  I work with my hands when my mind wants to get me into trouble.  I have Merc MC & Gem on the 6th, I love to work with my hands.

Wednesday 17th
Uranus Rx 12 degrees Aries
12:20pm CST, USA

Saturday 20
Mercury Direct 13 degrees Cancer
1:22pm CST, USA
(out of shadow 2 weeks later)

 Practicality is highlighted with Saturn in Scorpio as part of a Grand Water Trine with Neptune Rx, Mars/Jupiter.  Trines are fabulous harmony – yet they require work and skill to be highly successful.
Moon is nearly conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, pondering Emotional Practicality is a key to open doors of insight.  Apply the same practicality to home, family – streamline.
USE your tools wisely.
heh.  Make of that what you will.
North Node is where we need to focus to create our future path…
It is the satisfying struggle rather than the idle complacency of South Node.