Wednesday 17th
Uranus Rx 12 degrees Aries
12:20pm CST, USA

Saturday 20
Mercury Direct 13 degrees Cancer
1:22pm CST, USA
(out of shadow 2 weeks later)

Wrote about this before here.
A bit to add to it – stress and tension re: feelings via others is escalating via Mars meeting up with Jupiter in Cancer at 4 degrees – opposing the energies of Pluto in Capricorn while Uranus squares both.

Aka:  Big feelings, memories, restriction, release and transformation of the old while heading for the new.  Uranus Rx is a full stop turnaround to re-think what direction we want to plow towards to create the new NEW.
Uranus knows  – we already know where we need to go.
Coming to grips with how to get there, is another matter altogether.

Home (Cancer) Work (Capricorn) and Self (Aries)
in flux while we figure it out.

Cardinals like to keep it moving, so revolutionary ideas about style of competition and personal identification are likely to be popping UP fast and furious.  Ride it out.

Mercury direct in trine to North Node in Scorpio – gaze deeply into your eyes, into the well of your psyche.  Feel your desires, your soul.   Your instincts will guide you true.
High qi – be it light !

Mars moves to meet Jupiter in a Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune Rx  – everything at 4 degrees will feel the energy voosh UP a notch.  This aspect strengthens as the end of the week nears and the conjunction grows tighter to exact on the 21st.

This is a fabulous time to be bold and express yourself, though yes, the octaves of communication are in flux, Mars meeting Jupiter is Grand Passionate, ACTION with a flair of enthusiasm and broad stroke of LUCK.