Express Lane

Frantisek Kupka

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. 
True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.
Ernest Hemingway

Saturday 13
Mars into Cancer
8:22am CST, USA

Wednesday 17th
Uranus Rx 12 degrees Aries
12:20pm CST, USA

Saturday 20
Mercury Direct 13 degrees Cancer
1:22pm CST, USA
(out of shadow 2 weeks later)

This Mercury Uranus two-step boogie intrigues, yes ?
Houses Aries and Cancer will be getting some incoming whiz-bangers.
Octaves of communication in square – and moving – that means tension SNAP !

Internal obstacle courses, stress that aggravates (Aries) and flares personal competition drives in even the most placid Grand Trine Waters.

Uranus stations Rx as Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are all at 4* degrees forming a Grand Water Trine.

Whatever washes ashore with this two-step will be bringing stability in one form or another. No.  Strike that – more than one way and or form as we are dealing with Uranus.
Two halves that equal ONE. 

With that, I may be scarce for a bit.
Working on wrapping several things up from the backdoor.
*Wonder if the pony ever delivered it ?

Gneiss Moon