Intent of the Sacred

Hi all
Quickie read for astro energies.

Lennies (3 at the top) are for the Saturn Rx lessons – Titania’s Fortune Cards
Bottom left is Zombie Tarot, it is the energies of Pluto (which loosely opposes planets in Cancer)
Bottom Right is Book of Shadows Tarot, left being Merc Rx; right being Uranus (nearly Rx)
(Mercury Rx is moving to square Uranus)

Wednesday 17
Uranus Rx In Aries at 12 degrees

Past complications revolving around a sharp intelligent woman are as yet at a slow standstill – revelations are forthcoming – fast, straight to the point, new info will transform the situation completely.

Karma is indicated by Justice – keenly appropriate since Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception – high qi trade of energies. Payment of debt, restoring metamorphosis to any and all Scorpio & Capricorn matters.
Death – Life – Rebirth.  The great leveler.

Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are operating divine justice for all.

Mercury Rx in Cancer pulls us to fixate on those energies we find stable – home and family, where we recharge.
Rocks, stones undergo long-term pressure and become conduits of energy, four of earth holds reserves of power.  Conservation, preservation, renovation of tribe think/feel in order to move forward clean.

Uranus (soon to be Rx) is The Circle, the Intent of the Sacred (Uranus is the higher octave of Mercurial thought).  Retrograde Uranus will firm personal (and universal) boundaries of energies (Aries, Mars).
This is the enlightenment card akin to the hangman.

Find your space, gather tools (think Saturn Rx and what you learned then) consecrate your temple altar, focus, ground yourself,  be in the moment.  Breathe. . .
Invite enlightenment into your circle of energy.