whistle work

Virgo 15th Century
Moon into Virgo
5:12 CST, USA

Moon currently in late Leo, Mars in late Gemini.
Ideas born rapid-fire from the brainpan.

When emotional Moon meets the sign of Virgo, details become paramount and creative play manifests into creative work, with a sextile to Saturn in Scorpio and a trine to Pluto in Capricorn.

Grand Water Trine greases (Neptune, rules oil) the intuitive, emotional gears while Mars in Gemini dexterity funnels the intellectual into the material with an out of sign trine to Saturn in Scorpio.

Mars void until it powers into Cancer at 8:22am CST, USA on Saturday 13th.  Do not poke the bear, maintain zen normality.

Whistle while you work.
Very Virgo – whistling is Mercury.