Surf’s UP !

A water witch or dowser redrawn from a sixteenth-century woodcut.
Adapted from Gilluly, Waters, and Woodford (1959).

If we have listening ears, God speaks to us
in our own language, whatever that language is.
:: Mahatma Gandhi ::

Saturday 13 Mars into Cancer;  Saturday 20 Mercury Direct in Cancer

Mars dives into Cancer into a Grand Water Trine on a Virgo Moon (daily routine) with Mercury (rules Virgo) in Reset Mode.
Mars will conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, trine Neptune Rx in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio.

Mars is action; Neptune divination (dowsing); Saturn TIME; Moon INSTINCTS; Virgo practical daily magic, ROUTINE.

Mars in Cancer is Cardinal Water Action– that means Water Crashes, Flows, Falls, Rises. Energies of Mars + Cancer INITIATE  – conjunct Jupiter =

Water flows around obstacles, freezes and cracks bedrock, heats into steam and rises into the air.

Something has been on my mind – why can’t people trust their own instincts ?
Honestly, it drives me nuts !

This of course comes from a rebellious self-taught Virgo Sun-Uranus-Pluto in 9th house of expansion perspective.  History yes, I AM Saturn Rx ruled after all – I get it.
Get the facts, know your product – build the foundation and work UP.

Witness GMA.
Thank you.

What is bugging me is . . .
Lately I have repeatedly witnessed the clamouring cacophony of: I need THE book, the secret formula, the secret diary of the Sacred Sibyl signed in blood and rubbed with wart of toad so I can ‘get IT‘.   Gimme the Cliff’s Notes – NOW.

If you want to know how to read tarot, tea leaves, bones, stones or totems or clouds . . .
Take notes and apply the sitch to your life, what comes up ?

What cats mean to ME may not be what cats mean to YOU.
Dream books, tarot books – ANY books are subject to change as times change and people change.
Flat earth theory ?

Who wrote the first book ?
Someone in the field.
How did they learn?
They learned by – yes – knowledge, but also by PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

Mars power into the Grand Water Trine is an EXCELLENT opportunity to climb out of your usual DIVINATORY BOX and tackle a fresh perspective !
Start writing your OWN Book of Shadows to suit YOU.

You are the expert in Your life, and YOUR EXPERIENCE is unlike ANY OTHER.


2 thoughts on “Surf’s UP !

  1. Mars must be in capricorn too because all I get done is work work..Surf sure is up………..

    • Mars in Cancer at 4 degrees, opposite Pluto Rx at 9 in Capricorn.

      Both signs strive for success : Cancer through acquisition, gathering for the safety it ensures in the private sector, home.

      Capricorn acquires status, power and recognition through public dealings, fame in society through career.

      Both signs tend to work hard to acquire $$.

      Mars placed in Cancer will force Capricorn to compromise in order to find balance.

      Note Pluto = Force

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