some space

Not amused.

T-square of Power Trip Planets with Uranus as focal point on dark moon.
Sun Uranus Pluto – always a fun combo – know this one inside and out.
Born with all 3 conjunct.
power bursting to struggle

Those in authority, or those who think they are an authority are hot to trot to tell it like it is.
How they SEE it from their side of the fence.
Which is of course, written in stone + hand delivered by Moses himself.
Mercury Rx brings people to reveal their truest selves & it ain’t always pretty.
I popped up two cards to outline the energies that need to be focused on so we all can manage this dark moon working together with some grace and dignity.

Great new deck – Zombie Tarot !
Collages from 50’s magazines – fabulous cheeky charm + Zombies – win win !

Queen of Cups – obviously a nod to Jupiter, Sun and Mercury Rx in Cancer with a New Moon on the way.  Surfing the emotional currents is where we thrive – nurturing coupled with understanding leads to positive growth.
Those who flash point undertows, claws, and off with her head mentality – low qi.

King of Wands – Venus in Leo, Uranus in Aries FIRE !
Freedom to explore, create, with camaraderie strong – high qi.
Waving a my stick is bigger than your stick attitude – low qi.

Spotted on the road this am – seems apt.
It’s not a race, leave some space.


6 thoughts on “some space

  1. thank-you thank-you for the photo of that street savvy black cat. 2 mornings ago after my dream of the little black cat, i donwloaded photos of little black cats in streets. Hail to the Cat People!!

  2. You are very welcome – it cracked me up when I saw it , had to use it ! I already had it loaded (privately) for a future post, so your comment was very timely ! I also have been seeing a black kitty near my place . . . I think he is from the same house as grey. I have a pic, will post a bit of cat astro in the am, and include it then. Have always had cats, for as long as I can remember.

  3. Great post!

    Sun, Uranus and Pluto on a T-square – POW!

    I have two T-squares, one involves Pluto, Mercury and Moon. Pluto is the focal point!

    Adore the black kitty sharpening its claws – wonder what the kitty’s sign is?

    • Scorpio kitty ! heh.
      Who knows ? My feral kitties were spring Toro/Gems
      When asked what his sign was, Doctor 11, said “Sagittarius probably” ! !
      I keeled right over outta my chair – – Giddy ! 😀

      Pluto as focal – not surprised your writing is powerfully succinct.

      If giving greater orbs for luminaries (some give 10-15) then I have one with Venus/Jupiter as focals Neptune, Moon.
      Hmmm. .. .worth ponderation.

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