Lady Viridis also here

Just wanted to pop up a quick post to address a few things.

1 – I work a full time job + moonlight astrologer + gardener, maid, cook etc…
2 – Jupes in Gem squared my Virgo Sun/Ura/Pluto stellium from my 6th, daily chores

Supermoon in Capricorn – hit my Sagittarius Mars, trined my late Leo Venus/Jupes before it grew full in my first house.  GMA popped out into the twitterverse, and I made some decisions revolving around work, competition, myself.

1 – My energy was focused outward far too much. Sag Mars – arrows to all corners.
2 – No vacation this summer.  Don’t ask.  I needed a recharge, was making myself ill.
3 – I scheduled myself into my own calendar – gave myself a break.

Aside from that, I am using this Mercury Rx to clean up GMA from the backdoor so it will be more useful to me.  I will likely be removing e-mail subscribers while I re-categorize and move things around.  You can still access GMA from the front door, I just won’t be filling your inbox.  More about this in the future as I dig in.
Thank you so much, lovely readers !  You are fantastic !