Luminiferous aether

Konstantin Kalynovych – Museum of Clouds

Sun and Jupiter in the last degrees of Gemini is activating my 6th house (natural Virgo house)/9th house Virgo stellium.  I find myself needing more time to wrap up a plethora of things left undone for many moons while I have written, here.  Apologies, working elsewhere.
Look to where your house of Gemini lands in your natal – latter degrees – here you are going for the gustoSun and Jupiter are mining the last degrees of intellectual switch hitting and going for the roses – philosophical abundance, rubber meets the road – shakedown street via faith and heart communiques.  You feel a press here to accomplish, double time.

Re: above; late degree Virgo and Pisces are going through obstacle courses, extra work – late degree Sagittarius has to make compromises with pals.  Air signs are getting the optimism vibe, the passing of the baton, the communiques re: love, partnership, money and the oddball connections are heads UP and a hand UP.

Sun and Jupiter are coming into an (out of sign) trine with Neptune Rx and Saturn Rx in water while in the (last) culminating degrees of intellectual air.  aka: Kick the pie into the skies hopes UP a notch or TWO – – Spiritual Sun and happy go lucky “let’s take ‘er for a spin around the block” Jupiter are on their way to Cancer the sign of peace and chill around the campfire, family and home and stories out the wazoo.  Young folks and old folks – family just the same – ultra tribal and traditional.  Folk tales, wives tales and tales with and edge at the darkest of night.

Think of Plato handing down songs/stories/ tales of Atlantis from kin 3/4 generations before him – he was the first to write it, word for word, the first to record it in writing.

Venus moves to trine North Node of Destiny in Scorp – Love/partnership/money/ harmony moves into the future via family/desires/growth/probing/rebirth.  This is water to water – emo powerhouse – if you can’t see it, feel it at the mo answers will become apparent in time. Those with Toro planets at 16 degrees +/- 5 deal with how to metamorphose the past into the future – find the balance between knowing/needing – manifest positive goals re: hoarding & sharing.

June 16
Chiron Rx

June 21
Sun into Cancer

June 25
Jupiter into Cancer

June 26
Mercury Rx

June 27
Venus into Leo

timeline of Luminiferous aether