fertile froth

You’re much more likely to spot surprising relationships and to see fresh connections among ideas, if your mind is constantly humming with issues related to your work. When I’m deep in a project, everything I experience seems to relate to it in a way that’s absolutely exhilarating. The entire world becomes more interesting. That’s critical, because I have a voracious need for material, and as I become hyperaware of potential fodder, ideas pour in. By contrast, working sporadically makes it hard to keep your focus. It’s easy to become blocked, confused, or distracted, or to forget what you were aiming to accomplish.
Creativity arises from a constant churn of ideas, and one of the easiest ways to encourage that fertile froth is to keep your mind engaged with your project. When you work regularly, inspiration strikes regularly.Gretchen Rubin

Saturn Rx trine Neptune Rx is a fab aspect to be under if you are the creative sort – it is the vibe of dreams made manifest, beliefs and desires co-create to work from the inside out.  Particularly primo is transforming the deep inner psyche – metamorphic Pluto Rx in mutual reception with Saturnian focus changes not only how we work, but how we can work more efficiently at being true to our most authentic self.

Sun and biggie-size me Jupiter are both in the decan of Uranus in the House of Ideas and communication – eyes up for opportunities * – whiz bang ideas – odd communiques – via planets in late Leo and late Aries.  Late Libra and Aquarius are getting the harmonious benefits of 2 whammy benefics pairing up in Gem Gem. 

Moon into Leo Wed 12th
11:58am CST,USA

* note this am pics in comments here.
I have late Leo Venus/Jupes, mister handsome arrives for his photoshoot