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Hello gorgeous people . . .
I did not get any sky candy in my neck of the woods due to clouds last eve, and nearly missed this conjunction because of the same.  Slipped out to find my cat and spotted it – snapped a quick pic !

Monday 15
Venus into Taurus
2:25am CST, USA

Moon into Cancer

Venus rules Taurus (as well as Libra) so this will be a happy shift in energies for the goddess of love.  
She is graced with Taurean stability, patiently working hard for all things Venusian.
Love, creativity, money, balance. 

Toro Venus is earthy, blessed with common sense, practicality and often a pleasing voice, for Toro rules the throat.  She is comfortable with her sexuality, nurturing, dependable and kind.  Toro Venus needs both financial and emotional security to truly flourish, she is ruled by senses and wants her environment lush and comfortable.

Ownership can sometimes be a problem with this Venus – who and what they HAVE in their lives are often treated as possessions – the furniture doesn’t mind, but people do.
This Venus placement signals a balancing self-worth, skill sets and peace of mind.

They are rather fixed in temperament, this Venus is oOozing Zen until something builds up too long – then you had better start running !  Taurean tempers are legendary – they are patient, patient, patient until pushed too far – then POP – meltdown of colossal proportions.

Don’t go expecting them to hurry up whatever they are doing to please you either – Toros will get there when they are darn good and ready.  Stubborn ?  haha  Yes.
This Venus likes to take her time, she like to stop and smell the roses.


2 thoughts on “zen mamas

  1. Love this Empress card and looking forward to lazy days with Venus in Taurus. It is fun out venturing with Aries yet it will be nice to catch up and reconnect with all that Aries has no time for. I hope life has been treating you well with both play and treasure. xx

    • I love this deck too, though I don’t own it, the images are great.
      YES soOo happy Venus moves into Taurus so I / we can relax a bit. . .
      She can saddle up alongside my natal Moon – comrades opposite transit Saturn Rx. Sounds like things are well your way, love hearing about your nature walks.
      I went outside the other night and stretched flat out on the yard for some grounding. Finally warm enough to do so ! xx

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