Strange days indeed.

Step into the wormhole.
What is awakening in YOU ?

My Uranian comrades, just by walking around and sucking air we piss people off.
Complacency, repetition, stagnation is MF BoOoRING  ! 
Who has the ovaries / balls to step up and walk the talk ?

Late 60’s babies are wielding the sword of YES, you delivered peace demos, civil rights, love, stellar music and global mind expansion YET we are also now dealing with the SQUARE – inner turmoil – corporate powers running global guns, rainforest burning, genetically modified seeds / foods, factory farms, indigenous peoples overrun while wild animals are slaughtered for monetary gain.

Capricorn Pluto in Rx square Uranus in Aries is where FIRE hits PAYDIRT.

Pluto Rx is work specification – microgoggles
Uranus in Aries is self-expression – my freak flag is bigger than yours

See houses: Capricorn, for nitpicking; Aries for WoOo HoOo – thank you.

YES – Pluto / Cap is psycho come home / career to roost.
YES – Uranus / Aries is inner hippie holding court in public alliances.
YES – Jupiter / Gemini is WALKING THE TALK
YES – North Node in Scorp is digging for the Motherload of Funk

Mona cracked me UP, boring yet happy life of making bread & cheese
:: or ::
Shooting Star of Fame Dealt Death by Jealous Fucktards.

She saysya gotta find balance.
Don’t I know it.

Waves frying on my brainpan.  So many things which to choose…
Fuck it, I’ll lay hands on ’em ALL.
Pluto retro square Uranus is quite a weird thrust of power struggles/plays.
Incoming message this am was :: 2 of Pents ::  juggling for balance, the ‘pitch & catch’, baton passing in track, polarites or two sides of the same whole.

Oppositions are two sides of the same energy.
ya dig ?

Gears and pins of time in the wheel of life are checks and balances of energies.
Past, present, future as separate entities are / is an illusion / delusion.
Personal Perception is Paramount.
Tumbling the lock is delicate.

I had such a time of scramble when transit Pluto was in my Sag 12th along with Uranus and Neptune in Pisces (my 2nd) – it was just Hurricane 24/8.  Stability was a wish and a dream that could not find purchase.

After much suffering, I discovered that time was / is cyclical – and as I grew older, I found I could bridge it.  So I did – occasionally still do…yet longer forays cause nausea – so I temper it.  Only when I feel strongly is a message sent across the bridge – Libra is my MC – balance is paramount.

This is my least favorite card.
Revealing, yes ?
Sneaky, sexy intellectual fucker is Me / Others – both.
(I have Sun/Uranus/Pluto 9)

Pluto spies; Uranus surprises.

Pluto = Underworldly desirous death dealers popping a powerhouse of penetrating mysteriouso.  Politico pontificators promising partnership, rendering the masses powerless.

Pluto = Masses incarnating individually to purposefully direct divinity via metamorphic manifestation onto the material plane.  Inspiring intensity, loyalbound warriors passionately provoke phoenixing.


Uranus is your new trail.
(Find house Aries; apply)
Pluto Rx, your re-boot.
(Find house Capricorn; apply)


Peace via Polarities

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  1. Great post!

    The New Moon in Aries caused me to ricochet off the walls. Uranus is transiting my 10th in Aries, and breathing down my neck to start a new career.

    I’m ready!

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