Binging the Grid

Transit Uranus is
bang on
my Aries Saturn Rx in 3rd

::: take note of synchro :::
::: 3rd house, Saturn, Uranus :::
::: Teamwork :::

First thing in am
waiting on UP elevator (Uranus)
I pulled a string on what I named (Mercury)
my firecracker (Uranus) skirt
string pulled out the entire
hem stays (Saturn)
getting entangled in my keys (Mercury) in the process

Despite talking (Mercury)
I noticed 5:55 on the clock before I left work

(work and time are Saturn)
5:55 equals
Change imminent (Uranus)

Spring ant (Mercury) invasion (Mars)
when I arrived home
signaling teamwork (Libra)

Freaky wind storm (Uranus)
tossed photo off the wall 2 nights ago
 photo was taken
by a friend (Uranus)
I work with (Saturn).

Pic is of me (Aries)
Beautiful Gemini Man (3rd house)

 who has Venus trine Uranus

 Picture flew (Uranus) off the wall (Saturn) when
Sun transit was exact Gemini Man’s Aries Venus
 we look like bro & sis in pic (3rd house)
(we are not)

Called ex husband before astro
for luck
his Jupiter (luck) is smack on my Saturn (work)
transit Uranus (astrologer) is smack on his Jupiter
 astrologer calling (Mercury)

Lightning (Uranus) girl pic flew off the wall

tonight right before reading
with Uranian

Transit Aries Venus is
 dovetailing trine
 between my Leo Venus / Jupes in 8
a woman (Venus) bestowed an
unusual, unexpected (Uranus)
gift (Venus)

A PEAK Experience
A Soul Sistah
(Venus trine my 8th)

A New Friend.
(Venus / Uranus)

GroOovy !
Also . . .
In the past I did a reading for neighbor with the same name
(Saturn 3rd)
That dark experience was the flipside of this duality.
(Mercury, Uranus)

Thank you new friend !

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