Time will tell


Woke up this am in a tizzy – busy and running late, upset about the state of our mother earth. Why must humans ruin everything, rip out all the trees and kill everything ?

Please !

Pisces feels the suffering of all life, there is an undertow that leads to deep waters if we let it.

Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces – her home waters where she has been longing to return to for 165 years. . .soOo lovely, soOo evocative.
Octaves of Love.

Have we, serenity, serenade, or sirens ?

hmmmmm…..time will tell.

Goo gob of Pisces trines Saturn Rx in Scorp – emotions are rockin’ on the waves, deep sea Subsubconscious diving at the mo.  While Saturn works out the kinks in Scorpionic psychological depths.

Sun conjunct Chiron means healing is getting the spotlight.

Moon moves to oppose Uranus and closes the square to Pluto in Capricorn.
All kinds of emo stuff is bubbling to the surface in the next few as moon passes through Libra.

Be loving, kind – also be vigilant.


2 thoughts on “Time will tell

  1. Yes, diving deep into emo waters. Loving the connection with the mother’s soul. Heart bursting at the mindless ravaging of of such exquisite beauty that all our lives depend on.

    • Yes, rampant human greed, the mindless warped corp machines strangling the lifeblood from our Mother and her creatures, it grieves me deeply.
      I do what I can from my chunk of the world, boycott, use less, buy intelligently.
      The whole socio-politic is screwed & needs a complete overhaul – we are way past tweaking at this point. thanks for dropping by x

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