Power Over

Jewel of the Lotus – Ilene Meyer

Well this has certainly been an interesting Mercury Retrograde kick off ….
Work exploded in techno snafus, it’s raining weird co-inky dinks, unexpected convos with peeps I thought were loOong gone
The usual Merc Rx stuff, still fun though…sit back at watch the fun as everyone brain vomits everywhere. lol

Re-invention gets kicked up a notch when Uranus square Pluto is the rocket fuel !
How AM I USEFUL ::: tackles ::: Everything I DESIRE

Watched so much Cayce stuff last night, he made a point that desire is what drives the bus – it propels the human race forward into our collective destiny – so apt with North Node in Scorpio (desires) tag team Saturn Rx restraint.

Which leads me to WTF auctioning off the Amazon rainforest excuse me ?!
Greedy corporate fuckers.
Not the nicest intro to Libra Moon – but really enough with the LOVE of MONEY already.

Venus rules both:  LOVE and MONEY

What gives others power over you ?
Yep. You got it.


Now for the astro before I head off to my second job.

Love imbued Libra Moon brings surprises as she comes to oppose Uranus in Aries, surprises are headed your way as Venus and Mars go head to head with emotions in tow.

Mercury Rx re-applying trine to Saturn Rx in Scorpio – working out the kinks re: work, men, authority and structures surrounding all – think long-term, long-standing taking forever and a day situations.  They are getting the classic Mercury Retrograde Re-boot.

Moon quincunx Venus and Neptune
Emotions and home sitch struggle / juggle – Love & Creativity octaves – are turning over new cards, getting new info and forcing change.

Adaptation, improvisation.

peace out

4 thoughts on “Power Over

  1. Yes, it is the rape and pillage of the Amazon that is causing the tears. Did you see the Graeme Hancock TED talk? Six months budget spent on the Iraqi war could restore the Amazon and ensure security for the people who live there and support them in replanting and nurturing the sacred space. Peace out 🙂

    • Love Graham Hancock – I will listen while I make dinner.
      When the woods were cut down near my childhood home I sat & bawled all day.
      My mouth dropped open at the clear cut pics – I was horrified.
      Who could think this is a good thing ?

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