Exile and the Mirror

From the standpoint of the way of duty, anyone in exile from the community is a nothing. From the other point of view, however, this exile is the first step of the quest.
:: Joseph Campbell ::

Moon is feelings, public, women and mirrors.
Neptune is exile, suffering, transcendence.

They are opposite each other in my natal and both are sensitive by nature.

This opposition means people skewer my feelings constantly.
Neptuner is in 11 by a hairsbreadth, so by people I mean communities, particularly the global ONE.

Fifth house is the heartbeat of the unit, the pride of lions: the passionate creative spawn of self.  Opposite it is the Eleventh house – the heartbeat of the global collective, the pride of earthkind: the intellectual spawn of earthlings collectively.
Same wavelengths:: positive follow-through:: but acting from opposite sides of the wheel.


Wheel is turning, and I am coming into some whammy transits.  
Saturn opposes my Moon – that essentially means others are restricting my feelings, my instincts, basically trying to choke my zen Toro Moon serenity right outta me.

Energy goes both ways; is exchanged. 

So this transit of mine also means overbearing, authoritative Saturnian types (Saturn transits my 11th) meet their own limitations by the virtue of my mirror.

Saturnians see in themselves where self-discipline, tact, diplomacy and patience are lacking.

My lunar reflection reveals the lack of sensitivity, lack of concentration, it reveals the power sent to control me – staring right back at them.

Another transit I am riding out is Uranus on natal Saturn Rx (my ruler) while Pluto squares it from the first house of who I AM.

Uranus / Pluto are conjunct Sun in my natal, so this Pluto square triggers my solar stellium, my essence of self to grow, to metamorph, to rebirth.

This is doubly true as transit Pluto is trine my natal Toro Moon which trines natal Pluto/Uranus/Sun in Virgo.  Conscious & Subconsciously I am metamorphing 24/8.
I am feeling restricted by collective ideas (11th) of both: how I need to carry out my astro/ healing/ intuitive work – and how I need to fit the public ideal of how a *woman should be.  *note: I am eighth house strong, with Uranus/Pluto hooked up to both luminaries- it is my nature to be an unusually powerful catalyst.

While I AM having this extraordinary nuclear-fission-transmutation-REBIRTH from deep within my subconscious, I am somehow expected to simultaneously fit into a molded coffin of the public’s making ?  Yeah, man . . . good luck with that.

Panthera Leo

Lemme explain my sitch for you newbs:

In my natal, the house of Leo (Sun rules) is under duress.
Sun is also under duress- polarizing Uranus/metamorphic Pluto jammed up its nostril.
Sun is sesqui-quadrate my Moon equalling duress.
Sun is quincunx my North Node of Destiny equalling duress.

SUN is the creative spark, self-expression, sheroes and yes, conscious EGO.

When I hear rumblings of who does she think she is or she’s bragging, lying to impress.
You need to know:
I paid for this ‘gift’ – in the last lifeAND in THIS ONE.

I had YEARS of retching all day and all night, I cried myself to sleep begging for relief.
 I was barely able to keep saltines down in between downing bottles of pepto.  I drank so much of it, I had constant tinnitus.  And that’s not the half of it.

I forced myself to function through varying degrees of hell. . .I moved very slow, sitting when I had to simply to keep myself from passing out cold or retching.
This went on for   y   e   a   r   s.

When I lost my health, it cracked me like an egg.
I’m a multi-Virgo.

We are ALL about health.
 The astro..?

Transit Neptune in Aquarius squared my natal 4th house Moon (Moon rules Cancer 4th, Moon rules stomach) while my natal Neptune opposed it.

Freaky mysterious undiagnosable illness are Neptune.

My Moon was getting baptised in the seas of Neptune – suffering and transcendence.
 Neptuner was activating my 8th house; Sun/Uran/Plut stellium in 9 as well.

I suffered – now I RISE – I heal because I CAN.

This is not bragging or ego speaking.
 Only one who has lived in sickness can truly know the desperation of those suffering.

The graceful compassionate spirit energy that flows during a session is all around us.
I do not lay claim on it – I’m just good at getting it moving freely again.
I am finally doing something right, something goodthat I AM also good at doing.

I had years of sickness caused by terrible mistakes; misguided mental meanderings. Now that I have found my skills, or my ‘gifts’ if you prefer. 

Yeah, I’m gonna talk about it.
My soul seeks expression, just like yours.
Sun (soul) is the creative WILL and HOPE – – that is the only ego I AM expressing. . .
ya dig ?


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