Weird Delta Doubles

HA !
This is one symptom of having a Uranus transit through the 3rd house of thinking.  

Freaky weirdo planet of higher octave communications approaches my practical Saturn Rx ruler which trines Mars in Sagittarius, the sign of long-range thinking and expansion.

Feet are on Earth.  
Brain ?  No. idea.

Blue Agama Lizard

Another thing is my SKIN (Saturn rules) is even MORE SENSITIVE than usual.  It’s like I am having a second go-around with K-5 chickenpox – ridiculous !

I have been on about this before, but whenever ANYTHING ASPECTS SATURN Rx in my chart – my teeth hurt.  Also I am blessed with more frequent headaches (that’s the Saturn Rx in Aries) that are stronger, persistent.

Uranus is making things happen in DOUBLES: weird synchronicites are all over the shop.

I just got my second speeding ticket – in the Same Place I got the first one.  
heh, yeah. Genius maneuver, right there.

I already told you the thing about the tag team healing the other day .
Reports are in – –
I wave the magic wand of Toro Zen –
Tune UP the TUNING FORK – AIM my Sag Mars  (quintile Uranus in 9)
LONG – DISTANCE  – – > my people get ULTRA RELAXED

bliss out and go into deep delta.

Right ON !  My Rogue Reiki :: Polarity Balancing weaves a healing spell – sweeeet.
One friend woke up free of pain for the first time in weeks – another friend, a Sagittarian who is a chronic insomniac finally gets some sleep… and I when I do healings, I feel much better too.
The healer is also healed.
 Keep using it friends, your hands are tuned UP for quite some time, okie ?!
Specifically – the healing in your hands is set to traverse time and space: good anytime, anyplace, anywhen.