Sabian Symbol draw this am….

Libra 9
Three old masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery,
sometimes they seem to speak to each other.

Thoughts to ponder while Moon is in Virgo.
Micro Macro
Finite   I n f i n i t e


ps.  See divination in sidebar for Sabians

6 thoughts on “answer

  1. So i tried the Sabian Oracle this morning … two different questions and it was astonishingly accurate/relevant … way better than my Magic 8 Ball! Lol!!! Definitely will use it more often now … thanx for the link 🙂

  2. I just connected to this part oracles for the 1st. time just after reading your Baubles Bangles Beads reply to my little black cat dream. So 2 a.m.s ago, I went on to the Sabian Oracle site and asked the question about the dream. The response:
    Libra 9 “3 Old Masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery!”
    Now 3s are my special numbers and I have a extra synchronicity sense. This comes after discussing multiverses etc.
    I’m feeling that their are a few old Masters just hanging around.
    Lately I keep getting 22 and I feel it is linked to a royal baby girl.

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