Time Out for Dave

Dave Brubeck

One of the jazz greats, I have spun his classic release Time Out millions of times, easily.

Dave was a Sagittarius, Moon in Scorpio with Cancer rising.
Pluto conjunct ASC from the 12th.

Wow, also a Grand Water trine from Pluto 12, Uranus in Pisces 9 to Moon conjunct North Node of Destiny in Scorpio 5.  Water signs are emotive – a grand trine from the creative 5th to the sensitive 12th is deeply creative and soulful especially when pulling emotional inspiration from the deep well of Scorpio.  That Uranus in Pisces is kick of the unusual that wove its boho way seamlessly into jazz masterpieces.

Fortuna conjunct Neptune (inspired music) in the creative sign of Leo.  Legendary composer, obviously.  Also Scorpio Mercury applying quintile (specialized talents, genius expressions) Uranus in Neptune – ruled Pisces at MC.

Venus angular in 7th (strong, the house it naturally rules), trine Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Virgo : both of which also sextile Mercury.

Bless I do love the visionary centaurs….
Love and beauty will always live through your body of musical works, Dave.
Rest in Peace
 om mani padme hum




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