the healer is also healed

Life speeds UP as Mars closes in on Pluto
eclipses hasten change

Tuesday 20 10:55am CST, USA
Moon enters Pisces
conjunct Neptune and Chiron square Sun, Merc Rx and N Node

know your path and walk your path
talking it is tricky

listen to your silence
breathe deeply then speak


Venus is saturated in the late degrees
of her ruling sign
she is coming to conjunct
(out of sign)
Saturn which is in mutual reception with Pluto
 is conjunct Pluto; sextile Chiron

opportunities will be found revolving around
love, creativity and money
actions taken now will lead to
long-term material and emotional change


We are pulling into Transformation Station
we are
energy exchangers
the healer is also healed

USE your POWER wisely
wield your Martian blade with care
only for defense, not attack

:: Be gentle with yourself ::
and others