when the moon comes UP


Am I awake or dreaming . . . ? . . .  so hard to tell these days . . .

Boatload of planets moved into the Vampy Scorpio cave : Sun, Saturn and North Node of Density, (haha – Destiny) Merc Rx plus Jupiter Rx (rules my 12th) in thinking Gemini; Supermoon Scorpio eclipse ON my natal Neptuner = I dream of everybody and their second cousin twice removed.  

Seriously, Gregg Allman ?!  What’s that about ?!  I haven’t even listened to Bros & Sisters lately…though I might drag it out now.  Gregg doesn’t have a subconscious hold on me – in case you were wondering – he introduced me to someone who does.

If you have been on my mind in the last few years and I have been trying to jettison you and whatever subconscious hold you have on me : I AM throwing IT DOWN and SHAKING YOU OFF –> when the MOON comes UP – you’re going DOWN.

WoOoHoOo !!

Venus is trine Neptune in Pisces now – out of sign, but of course I am getting it, have been for a couple weeks.  Higher octaves of art and love in air and water are CREATING BALANCE.

Right ON !



How do you want your life to be ?  

THINK it then BE IT !  

Moon is moving into a trine with Venus – both in AIR.
Moon is in Aquarius – that is Primo for emotional Changes.

Make it work !
-Tim Gunn

peace & love