ode to martians

Gyuri Lohmuller

Hello astro fiends, how is everyone holding up ? Streamlining Super Scorpy Powers…?… working out the kinks in the psyche, that sort of thing ? 

I have known for ages that I am not the astrologer for everyone, I deliver a rich dense gumbo: layers of earth, science, mysticism and oddball dark intensity – oh, and I will also drown you in music, obviously. 

My former moniker (one of many) was Lady of the Link, so you will find all sorts of links shooting you off somewhere else because above all I am curious.  I want to learn – and I want to share what I learn with you.

I have a friend who has lived a life in constant comparison with another, when for me it is just the opposite.  I have always been told I am too strange and why can’t I be more like so and so, or more normal, or everything I am, create or like is different.  The juxtaposition between us is bizarre.

I know what I think, and therefore write, will not appeal to everyone – I am fiercely stubborn and independent (Toro Moon, Sun conjunct Uranus) and will be doing it my way.  Take it or leave it. 

SoOo I want to thank YOU gneiss readers for showing up for the oddball soirée day after day.  More and more of you are showing up to watch this Capricorn Rising roll the boulder uphill everyday, and I thank you.  Also, good morgon Sweden !

Now for why you are here:

Moon is void of course 10:04am CST, USA
Void ends when Moon enters Aries 2:31pm

Moon into Aries conjunct Uranus, expect some emotional surprises, incoming braniac insights.   Sagittarius Mars opposite Jupiter Rx in Gemini is great for setting the record straight, blunt communications and generosity of words and ideas – revision of thinking, and mental masturbation centering in the self and future / past.

Mars and Jupes are visionary, clever and flexible in mutables – work it !

peace out

2 thoughts on “ode to martians

  1. I love what you write and its unique and satisfying explosion of thoughts, images and music. With Toro Moon and Sun sextile Uranus myself, I know the stubborn commitment to following my own tune just to see where it leads. I haven’t been turning up at any posts at the moment but when I do your posts are at the top of my list. I am just glad I looked at this one. xxx

    • xo you are a dear sweet friend, Perianne. I loved your recent post:
      Is my fave thus far – you really nailed many things in my life.

      Thank you for coming around…I know you are busy preparing to move house. I am hoping you find what you are looking for and get settled comfortably in your new digs….also hoping your Toro Moon handles moving house better than mine does. I have had a life of forced moving – hate it – ranks right up there with dental visits – maybe you understand that too Saturn Rx in Aries ? lol
      Drills to the head ? Nitrous me – stat !

      I am just dealing with marsy stuff & whoa this Toro full moon with eclipse on my Neptuner following is turning into a 1-2 punch.

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