Eclipse Lennie

Quickie read for the upcoming Solar Eclipse (Nov 13, USA) with the intention of clarity and enlightenment leading to highest most benevolent outcome for all my readers.

Troubled times / complicated matters / the cold season of emotions from the past are being shed rapid- fire in unusual ways.
Pluto in Capricorn in mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio; Pluto square Uranus

An influx of positive vibrations will deliver success and happiness on a grand scale, ushering in new beginnings on all levels.  Jumpstarts to your batteries of life !
Solar Eclipse is conjunct Dragon’s Head – beneficial.  (more on this later)

New growth is in the bud, nurture new beginnings.  Progress is slow but sure, roll with the changes . . . be gentle with yourself
Eclipse in Scorpio brings new life infusion to your Scorpio (water) house – an emotional recharge is imminent.


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