My Loyal Subjects

Leo Moon !
I could hear the gears turning in kitties heads as I left for work …
We’re gonna be on tv, right ? 
Better !  – internet, worldwide.
Yay !  *puffs out chest*

Leo moon is great for over the top pleasure pursuits, instinctive creative bursts (though a bit fluctuating), playing the drama queens / kings card and basically stealing the show.

The WILL is keyed up by emotions of Moon – solar power is applied to whatever or whomever is fancied in a fun, snazzy, flirtatious, full-throttle, life-affirming way.

Leo Moons like, no – NEED – attention like air, food and water – they thrive on it ! 

Leos have a flair for fun and when the emotions are involved they are like kids in a candy store, grabbing all the goodies of life with gusto, playing and having a blast.  If you have the affections of a Leo Moon, they will likely surprise you with thoughtful gifts, for Leos are generous and giving – shining solar light wherever they go.

They are proud, regal and chivalrous – feelings easily hurt – solar and lunar reflections are in this house – so don’t poke fun at their haircut or how they look if you want to stay on their good side.  Leo Moons can be very vain. Exactly why Leo Moons are great for snazzing up the daily routine with some dazzle and sparkle, and strutting your stuff !

Shine ON babes – you look fabulous

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