New Virgo

Goddess of Earth

Saturday 15, 9:11pm CST, USA
New Moon in Virgo
23 degrees

We are winding down into dark moon phase.   Rest and go easy on yourself.  As we move closer to dark moon instincts will turn our focus inward.  We naturally grow quieter, more contemplative and withdrawn.  Set intentions for new moon (right on or just after) and the growth of the Moon will assist you and growth of your project.

New Moon brings . . .

Renovation of thinking, writing communication.

This dark moon conjuncts Mercury which squares Pluto.
New Moon / Sun squares Jupiter in Gemini.

Innovation of creativity, work, love and money.

Saturn trines Neptune from Libra.
Leo Venus sextiles Jupiter.

23 degrees (+/- 5) of Capricorn and Taurus get a green light.
23 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius feel the squeeze.
23 degrees of Pisces will be in peace talks.

peace out

2 thoughts on “New Virgo

  1. Love this image too.
    I love that you contemplate each post so deeply. Dark moon found me sick from overwork, so my new moon is all about balance, with a nod to a pro. 🙂 x

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