Wednesday August 1
Full Moon in Aquarius 10:27pm CST, USA

Wednesday August 8
Mercury stations direct 12:4am CST, USA

Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are ALL retrograde at Aquarius Full Moon, proceed with caution in matters of communication, signing any and all contracts as well as buying computers, stereos or other large purchases.  May as well wait until a few days after Mercury turns direct and the energies settle down a bit.  Times near stations tend to be felt even more than the entire retrograde itself.  Artists read all the fine print before signing – Mercury is opposite this Aquarius Full Moon in the sign of creative Leo !
Be aware that creativity is at a high as well as intuition and sparks of mental images : ideas springing to life now may grow into large fruitful projects with care and willpower !
Read both your Sun and Rising Sign…

Aries:  Aspirations are getting infusions of fresh full moon blood – creative communiques are incoming from unusual sectors enhancing relationships of all kinds.  Controls set to communicate intuitively as career undergoes a massive overhaul to reflect the true creative you.

Taurus:  Career path is illuminated as philosophies are re-designed to bring more peace of mind into your waking life.  Foundations of health and daily routines are under construction while creativity and positive solutions are in your pocket.  Follow your daydreams – they will lead you to surprising solutions and your highest happiest self.

Gemini:  Expansive philosophies and intellectual pursuits are leading the way to the powerful new you that is emerging.  Creative progress is off the scale as thoughts rush in from all sectors of the universal grid and consciousness.  Journal, publish or wax poetic, you are a shining light, a beacon !

Cancer:  Metamorphosis is underway at the soul level, radical ideas blaze trails in career and finance.  Others see the powerful new you as your psyche is beautifully re-vamped from the inside out.  Unusual messages incoming regarding career paths. Follow your instincts – they are golden – create the life you desire !

Leo:  Magnetically attracting everyone – friends, partners and intellectuals seek you out.  Your positive new outlook reflects the visionary ideas and radical new philosophies and intellectual pursuits unfolding within.  Daily routines get a healthy re-boot to include  more fun and frolic.

Virgo:  Perceptions sharpen on daily responsibilities and career.  Creative passions are overhauled to include balance between personal power given and taken.  New friends in career field step up to offer support and guidance.  Unusual messages incoming that transform and reshape long-held beliefs.

Libra:  Fun and creative mojo is highlighted while incoming messages from friends and partners open paths to new goals and more team players.   Home life and surrounds get a major overhaul.  Your competitive edge regarding longterm creative projects is strong and your newfound powerful self -image is pumped !  

Scorpio: Feelings about home and security are in the spotlight as interesting offers / ideas rush in allowing radical changes in career and daily routines.  Soul mine the past for hidden strengths – use them to solve current issues – finding creative solutions from the deep psyche is primo. 

Sagittarius:  Spotlight on communications as money altitudes / attitudes and peace of mind get an overhaul.  Power thrust behind goals and aspirations is off the charts while surprise messages are incoming sending creative flow to expansive new horizons.  Relationships of all kinds are enhanced while you attract and reflect kindness and creativity to all you meet.

Capricorn:  Wants, needs and peace of mind are highlighted as insights gained from family reset your personal powers back into to high gear.  Creativity is a lush part of your daily routine while forward thrust is warp speed in career and business.  Your self-image gets a much needed reboot and overhaul – the future is ripe and you know it !

Aquarius:  Incoming messages from close allies deliver new info that re-awakens shiny self image and gets the creative juices flowing.  New relationship horizons unfold at warp speed – aiming at learning new skills is super on target at the mo – past gets a reboot !

Pisces:  Peace of mind and balance comes through tapping into dreams and artistic mind meanderings that enrich your daily happiness.  Start by loving up everyday surrounds go gung -ho on positive self-image: set personal space to chill.  Be your own best friend : goals re-purposed, you metamorph and conquer !

blessed be !

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