May I introduce an extremely diverse musician who has been nominated in more categories than any other musician in Grammy history, Mr. Béla Fleck.  Winner of 12 Grammies in categories such as pop, country, jazz and crossover, Bela is a banjo virtuoso.

Keep in mind this is a solar chart, I don’t have Bela’s birth time. Planets in the signs remain the same, houses may change.

Bela is a life path 4.  Fours are all about building foundations, stability, and manifestation in the physical universe.

Bela’s intuitive Cancer Sun is quintile (spiritual gifts) his sensate (exalted) Taurus Moon.  He is firing on all cylinders conscious spirit and subconscious instincts dovetailing as he lays down every note !  This quintile is really good because Bela’s Sun is the apex (under pressure) of one of two T-Squares.

T-squares mean the apex planet feels supercharged – it forces creative solutions to manifest the planetary energy.
Sun in the natal represents the spirit, life force, creative expression from the heart.

Bela’s Sun is square (creative tension) Mars (in Aries, the sign Mars rules) and Sun is also square Jupiter (expansion, abundance) in Venus (art) ruled Libra.  Jupiter is opposite (awareness, compromise between energies) power-hungry Aries Mars.

Mars rules Aries, so it is pioneering (Aries, Mars) creative energy (Sun) expressed in a visionary, exploratory way (Jupiter).  Bela’s Mars is not only opposite Jupiter, it also sits on the decan (each 30 degree sign has 3 sub-rulers, called decans) of Jupiter meaning his Mars is steeped in visionary philosophy, luck and abundance.

Mars (drive) is also opposite (creative tension) Neptune (rules string instruments) which is on the decan of Mars.  That apex Sun sits on the Mars decan, too.  Saturn (building over time) is trine (harmony of energies) Mars.  Pluto (fire in the belly metamorph) is on the decan of Mercury, trine Mars.
Mars is also quintile the Midheaven or peak of achievements.
Why, you may ask am I going on & on about Mars…?

Mars rules drums.
A banjo is actually a drum head stretched over a tone ring.

How cool is that ?!   exactly.
*astrology takes a deep bow*


Bela’s second T-Square culminates in not one, but two apex planets- Mercury (communication, dexterity) conjunct Uranus (intuition, electricity [banjo], innovation).

Mercury is thinking, it’s higher octave, Uranus is knowing.  They are tightly conjunct – mainlining each other’s energies !    That’s a lightning fast conjunction of perception and polarities in the creative sign of Leo, the root of willpower.

So communication in both octaves – inside and outside the head – is on fire (leading).  Willpower, and creative self-expression is all systems go.  Day and Night.  (Sun quintile – spiritual gifts from the cosmos- Moon.)

Mercury/Uranus are square the exalted Taurus Moon (Mercury rules sound, Taurus how lovely the sound is) which is opposite Neptune (strings).

Ok, so dig this… Jupiter (visionary ideas) is conjunct North Node of Destiny which is conjunct Neptune (string instruments and the inspired artist).
And, Venus (art, beauty) is trine Jupiter, and the Node of Destiny and Neptune conjunction via the domino effect.

Ba DA Bing !

What I love about the clip below is Bela’s description of the intuitive, inspirational, creative process that comes like a bolt out of the blue ~ gotta bottle it fast , or risk losing it !

Funny, as I was going to write about Victor, the multi-award winning bass player in the Flecktones – don’t worry Victor fans, his chart will be coming later – but when I saw this clip it so perfectly expressed Bela’s tight Mercury Uranus conjunction, I switched paths when his quote inspired me.

Then I looked up the synastry.  Love this !
Bela’s drive (Mars) is opposite (awareness, co-operation) my Mercury (writing).
My Mercury is conjunct his Jupiter, Node of Destiny and Neptune conjunction.  cool.
Thanks for all the groovy tunes and inspiration~