Strength squared

Hello lovely people !
This tarot card reading is from the Soulcards deck by Deborah Koff-Chapin.
Another sign, as I post this I see not only is today an 8, but this post is numbered 2222, (8) which is strength and regeneration.
Blessings to all ~ find your brace points in love.

My question was loosely based on the principle of micro/macro energies for us and our world during these times of Uranus square Pluto.  This reading will reveal what is UP with our lives, and the lives of all of us collectively.
I placed them in a group of 3, the last card being the message from spirit at the bottom of the deck.   My other parameters being the most benevolent outcome for all my readers whenever they stop by to read it.
I love these cards because they are subjective, what YOU see springs out of your personal experience.  Enjoy~

On a personal note, I am on vacation so if posts slow up for a week or so, do not be alarmed, I am working, but on other things. 

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    • Thank you, I am glad you like them ! Soulcards is a lovely tarot deck with provacative imagery. I enjoy using decks that step outside the usual Fool/Emperor/Magician box.

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