First Tier

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Be prepared.  
Those strong in Earth get this.  

I wanted more Mercurial bits to expand the train of thought from yesterday’s post.  Philosophical messages in the “reckless hate” post seemed better suited to a second or third tier approach.  When a nutter is waving a gun, we need FIRST TIER approach.  So I went looking for more info …

Negotiation is ruled by Venus and Libra and 7th house.

If your natal Venus is in Libra or in the 7th house, angular, highly and well aspected, especially to Mercury – negotiation of some form could be for you.  I have Libra and Mercury at MC and always seem to be negotiating in some form or fashion.

The below is an excerpt from The Behavioral Change Stairway Model developed by the FBI’s hostage negotiation unit.  Works with criminals as well as any form of disagreement.  Five steps. (Source linked)

How does hostage negotiation get people to change their minds ?

1. Active Listening: Listen to their side and make them aware you’re listening.
2. Empathy: You get an understanding of where they’re coming from and how they feel.
3. Rapport: Empathy is what you feel. Rapport is when they feel it back. They start to trust you.
4. Influence: Now that they trust you, you’ve earned the right to work on problem solving with them and recommend a course of action.
5. Behavioral Change: They act. (And maybe come out with their hands up.)

The problem is, you’re probably screwing it up.
How ?  Read more here.