Bending the Rules

FullSizeRenderSherlock Holmes Tarot

Investigations on Pluto in Capricorn square North and South Nodes of Destiny aka Future/Past and the metamorphosis inherent within making choices heading into Mercury Rx.  
What do we need to know that will lead us to our conclusion ?  
(Note: South Node is conjunct Uranus)

Peeler: Suit of Analysis
Kindness and sympathies aroused while deception takes place. (Lady Hilda has used fainting as a ploy to steal documents on the sly !)  This card points to a champion willing to bend rather than break in order to reach a harmonious outcome.
Bending the (Capricorn) rules to suit the sitch.  Analysis re: a merger or union. Guile and cunning
permeate the Plutonic situation, no surprise if you understand the workings of sleuth, stealth and metamorphosis.

Be on the alert for illusion, deception and treachery.  Be choosy in what is revealed, also what is believed.

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Message from Spirit Card
Inspector: Suit of Deduction

A steadfast guardian of tradition.  Patience and responsibility born of wisdom and experience.   A serious nature, a good advisor who values conservation and old school methods.

Handling land, finances, relationships and/or business with a calm, steady, firm hand.  A mentor, teacher or guide of loyalty and dedication.

Stability, zen and safety understood by those of the same nature.  (Inspector Gregson of Scotland Yard who has an affinity for Sherlock.)

Gneiss Moon