Bob Pepper - StarburstBob Pepper

Steel cleats locked and loaded for Mars in Capricorn. We are climbing the 29er.
Exalted Goats Take the Head.

Controlled concentration and sharp focus are the blade cutting through less hardy competition.  Patient, steady endurance powered by single-minded enthusiasm to succeed is behind the skillset of this placement.

Prolific practice hones work to perfection.  Mars in Capricorn is driven by an unwavering determination for position.  Goals are set & met for they are Cardinal: primal energy put to use.  They aspire to achieve a living legacy for not only themselves, but also seven generations of descendants thereafter. 
This is High Noon on Fire.

Diehard Mars in Capricorn actually loves work, but they ultimately work for status.  Honors, fame are simply by-products of being the best, the authority, number ONE in the coliseum. I AM gladiator hates to lose: be it in business, creativity, love, ownership, transcendence – whatever your Capricorn game (house) – Mars will bring it in spades.
The hard-headed Boss of organization and profit is driven by the risk taker – blinders on to all – save WIN.  Respect for the challenge, the work as well as fierce competition will drive them harder.  They crack the whip like none other.

Mars in Capricorn carries responsibility of the sacred task – making the material plane work – better, faster, stronger.  They are committed to using their time wisely for their work will benefit Earth as a whole.

Willpower of Mars in Capricorn will incur karma into generations of future/past.
Use your power wisely for yourself and our Earthtribe.

Power UP Peeps
Gneiss Moon