To Seek Out


Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Leo Jupiter at nearly 10 degrees closes the trine to Aries Uranus at nearly 16 degrees throughout the next few weeks becoming exact in late September.

Working high qi, this is an aspect of Enterprise and self-expansion.  Bold, daring actions reap both long-term and long distance rewards.

Optimism, friendliness and enlarging social circles brings big payoffs. Confidence ratchets up and enthusiasm, brainstorms and odd experiences that tweak perspectives become the norm.

Study of science, alternative energy as well as kundalini energy and the human energy field is supported by this trine.  Energy surges likely due to the influence of Jupiter/Sun and Uranus/Mars.

Learning, travel and exploration of all kinds including philosophical perspectives of the collective will be looming large in our frame of reference.

Note also this is an aspect of WILD FREEDOM and impulsive, gutsy actions.  Use this to your advantage while also being ATTUNED to your environs + goalsets in order to achieve best results.  Bob & Weave, Float & Sting.

Now, Boldly Go !

1 thought on “To Seek Out

  1. Mirror, Mirror – one of my many faves.
    Putting it up here for me, other Trekkies.
    More Trek here. Spock here.

    Ya gotta catch Kirk’s speech to Spock @ 44:44.
    Perfectly illustrates this aspect !
    peace out & prosper !

    FYI Re: Theme – I actually prefer the ‘no one’ version in Next Gen – but it doesn’t have the zippy oOooOo space chick at the end like TOS.

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